Writing is more like talking to an imaginary friend, a friend who you can do anything to with no revenge back in play. You can say the worst of things, and you’d be heard with no judgement, that’s the power of writing. The power to erase and recreate.

“paper has more patience than people”

– The diary of a young girl, Anne frank
Reading leads you to others universes.

This blog opens me to a larger world a larger place to be, for many to know what it is to be able to write, and love your work. Your work doesn’t become great only when it is published, it becomes great the moment you open up to it, because your writing is you, it speaks the voices that storm inside.

Poetry is another way, on building on your emotions, to build the mood through fewer words, to find a poetic and expressive way of opening, poetry is like water it flows, pauses and has a few rocks blocking its path.

I hope you enjoy reading my work, feel free to comment and explore your inner world through writing!!


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