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“paper has more patience than people”- the diary of a young girl, Anne Frank.
  • An Ending
    An Ending. Her hands twitched and the corner of her lips twisted into a smile, my mind raced as the as I stared at the splattered blood ahead of me, I hadn’t meant it at all but that girls face never faded. It was a mistake an accident, a hot summer day, scorching heat, weContinue reading “An Ending”
  • Magic..O_O
    It’s in the air,at least that’s what I am told.It’s everywhere,that’s what they say I should believe.It’s inside you,that’s what I can’t. -:D When we see things that make us feel good or delighted, we see it as something remarkable, or magical! when we see something that makes us feel sad, or angry, or evenContinue reading “Magic..O_O”
  • Cyber!
    Cyber, briber,Climbs on my backJust like a spider.Creeping onto my palms,Waiting for me to slam it down. Cyber, ladderNever coming down,It just goes up,Never looking down. Cyber, fibre,It scrapes all u have,Like a miner,Waiting to get all that’s in.Burning coal. Cyber, miner,Has all the way to go,Through rocks and stones,Through rivers and snow,But a minerContinue reading “Cyber!”

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